Mid-market & startups are challenged to build & maintain full fledged recruitment teams & associated tools & processes to handle their recruiting/ talent sourcing needs and using head hunting firms for recruiting individuals is an expensive proposition with the risk that the head hunting firms may not have the opportunity to entrench into the company’s culture for recruiting the talent that is best suited for the organization


PrideVel’s Recruitment Process Management services are developed through the extensive experience that PrideVel and it’s management team have had in running a US IT Staffing Services business with remote recruiting teams based in India serving the US customers’ needs for contract staff for the last 30 years. Over these 3 decades, PrideVel’s recruiting processes have matured through a range of techniques, tools & methodologies to suit the changing business dynamics.

Key highlights of our recruitment process management service:

  • Dedicated OR time shared recruiting resource

  • Well versed with US labor market, employment & benefit terms

  • Ability to identify, interact with and engage qualified resources

  • Ability to source full time as well as contract resources based on the nature of job

  • Understanding of pre-hiring background & drug test processes

  • Flexibility to ramp up and down resources based on changing needs without long term commitments


  • Focus on core activities

  • Source high quality people

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Industry standard recruitment processes

  • Offers high flexibility