Mid-market enterprises and startups must continue to focus on growth while trying to manage competitive market pressures, and regulatory challenges. This puts additional of pressure on departments to meet the increased business expectations in a dynamic business environment. This is forcing enterprises to look for specialized outside help to support, supplement, and reinvent their processes & explore new technologies & tools for increasing productivity.


PrideVel's Finance & Accounting (F&A) management services team can handle your transaction processing, master data management, payroll processing, profit recovery, tax provisions, balance sheet review & reconciliation, free cash flow forecasting, DSO & Cash optimization, financial analytics, risk management, process reengineering, financial advisory, etc. using the tools of your preference.


  • Competent Team of Finance & Accounting resources at a fraction of the costs for comparable resources in the US

  • Short time to stand up relevant facilities, infrastructure, processes and support organization

  • Experienced management team supporting & guiding the resources

  • Business Process, Risk & Compliance Management – Proactive & ongoing

  • Performance Management using industry best practices