Mid market enterprises and startups lack the equipped help desk support infrastructure and resources as their budgets do not allow them the cost. Under such circumstances it is difficult for them to respond quickly without sacrificing support quality and customer satisfaction.


PrideVel offers competent customer facing technical product support to businesses looking to expand/ enhance their customer support function with experienced and capable technical resources. Our solutions allow businesses to expand the help desk support provided by their in-house team from 8/5 to 24/7 support to their customers through us and help them reduce their TCO.

In collaboration with our clients we develop several metrics to define suitable support and service levels, L1, L2, L3, and P1, P2, P3– so we could measure and meet our client’s customer expectations.

Key highlights of our customer support services:

  • SLA based support

  • Industry standard support framework

  • Emphasis on preventative maintenance to avoid problems arising from short-term solutions

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of issues to develop effective corrective and preventive actions

  • Flexibility to ramp up and down resources based on changing needs without long term commitment


  • Reduces operating costs

  • Improve response time

  • Focus on core activities

  • Consistent high quality support by a dedicated team

  • Improves support outside normal working hours

  • Maximize flexibility to respond to change in demand