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PrideVel has deep expertise of almost 3 decades in managing projects & several day to day business processes for global technology businesses using offshore teams in India taking full advantage of large talent pool of English speaking resources at a fraction of the cost of such resources in the US, thereby stretching the available dollars to the max and deploying those in the core business of building and marketing high value products. PrideVel’s own processes supported from it’s offshore center in India include accounting, financial planning, budgeting & reporting, payroll processing & tax compliance, and recruiting process for customer projects in the US requiring local technology resources; daily monitoring of software & systems with technical support for trouble shooting & user support for customers; software application deployment in customers’ on-premise data centers and integrating with other applications; mobile application development &

support for customers.

Customers can take advantage of the people, processes, technology & infrastructure that PrideVel makes available for them in a seamless manner. Our total solution easily integrates the pre-existing with the new build to enable customers to fully realize the benefits of full-fledged business departments OR supplement the teams that the customer already has established. Most importantly, we provide customer the right combination of people, process, technology & infrastructure to ensure that our customers can maintain the pace of growth, customer acquisition and product innovation.

As customers familiarize themselves with the benefits & capabilities of PrideVel’s BPM offerings in one OR few processes, PrideVel can help customers with supporting several other processes.